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We've been featured by the EFI University in USA

This weekend the EFI University in USA made & broadcast a video praising the low friction / high vacuum seal which we produce for the GM-LS race engine.

Ben “Seals the deal” while talking about the next Competition Engine Development class project... Learn more here: And here: Thanks to Holley Performance Products, Driven Racing Oil, Dailey Engineering, Wiseco Automotive, Daido Plain Bearings, FAST - Fuel Air Spark Technology, COMP Cams

Posted by EFI University on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Full Facebook post can be found here:

Great Customer News From Norway

We recently developed some new Rear Main Crankshaft Seals, which were specially designed to suit the old Jaguar V12 XKE engine. This is an engine from the 1970’s and 1980’s which we are are notorious for their oil seal leaks.

In recent years, as enthusiasts have invested a lot of time and money on the detailed restoration and conservation of many of these Jaguar cars, they do not like to see pools of engine oil leaking onto their pristine garage floors.

A Norwegian GST Racing Seals customer inspected his engine after fitting our seal GST#11458 and travelling 1000 miles. The customer was able to assemble the seal without cutting by stretching it over the flange. They were very pleased to advise us that there are no longer any oil leaks.

We look forward to many more enquiries for the GST#11458 seals following this excellent customer experience.

F-Type Seal Working Perfectly

Sales of our unique range of bespoke F-Type seals are now being eagerly promoted by a very satisfied customer.

The F-Type Seal which is supplied for retrofit in the American Ford 460 engines has worked perfectly and with some great success. Photo #0262 shows these seals, which are from our unique range of bespoke seal designs, offered to provide modern solutions to the oil leakage problems of the old 2 pc seals.

We hope that in providing 21st Century solutions these classic engines, and classic cars can continue to provide many more miles of happy motoring.

Older Engines To Benefit From GST Racing Seals

After our visit to the Race Retro Show at Stoneleigh we found again that there was a lot of interest from existing and potential customers for our more unique seals.

At this show, of course, interest is particularly in our bespoke solutions for older engines. The Race Retro Show at Stoneleigh featured many historic and vintage race cars and bikes, with plenty of nostalgia added in. We are pleased to be able to offer seal solutions for these classics as well as for more recent racing models.

For older engine applications we offer bespoke seal designs such as those shown in photo #138 which can often be produced without the need for special tooling.

F1 PRODUCT! Low Friction Steering Pinion & Rack Seals

Manual steering racks generally use very simple rubber seal technology. In consequence the drivers’ feel can be impaired due to seal friction. This becomes particularly important in race cars where a smooth steering transition is needed to ensure optimum car positioning around the track and particularly through corners.

Our PLS Seals used in the steering box pinion substantially eradicate the friction problem immediately giving much improved steering “feel” for the driver.

In Power Steering applications we have worked to overcome problems found after prolonged motorway driving. Rack seal stiction was the cause of a jerk problem when requiring more steering wheel movement exiting the motorway. Using our PLS Seal technology in the hydraulic steering rack will eliminate the stiction problems keeping the drivers’ “feel” normal at all times and all speeds.

In modern racing cars the standard rubber lip seals can cause over-heating of the powered steering system so by including our low friction PLS Seal technology in the steering valve & pump we can significantly contribute to reduced heat generation in the steering system.

Endorsement from Performance Racing Industry & SEMA

GST Racing Seals are proud to share another exciting endorsement from another leader in the motorsport engineering field. Francisque Savinien is the Director of Global Sales & Marketing for Performance Racing Industry & SEMA and has some great things to say about GST Racing's Chris Gregory.

"Chris is very smart. He has been able to succeed where a lot of his competitors have failed because of his ability to listen and come back with solutions that fits the market. He works very hard but more importantly he works smart. His technical expertise is unmatched and I very much enjoy listening to him. He is a very special man."
Francisque Savinien, Director of Global Sales & Marketing,Performance Racing Industry & SEMA

Thank you from Walkinshaw Racing

Following on from the exciting endorsement we received from Mr Randy Edwards we are now pleased and proud to have received a further endorsement from Ryan Medew of Walkingshaw Racing, Australia.

"Thank you for your hard work with the development of the duplex crankshaft seal. Turning to you for seal R&D has been our best move yet as previous brands of seals gave us oil leaks and low vacuum. We now have no leaks, 25” vacuum, twice the mileage(6000kms) and more power! Pretty good combination really! I could not recommend your business highly enough to anyone interested in improved engine performance."
Ryan Medew, Walkinshaw Racing

Endorsement from David Vizard

GST Racing Seals are excited to have received the following endorsement of our products from the famous Mr David Vizard, Performance Engine Builder and Writer in USA.

The endorsement arrived via Mr Randy Edwards, our Representative in Concord, NC, USA, who received this directly from David Vizard.

David Vizard is a very well-known racer, engine performance developer and engine builder. Originally from UK he has lived and worked in the US for many years.

We are proud of David's endorsement and believe it reflects our products, engineering, attendtion to detail and professionalism.

“The use of these crank seals has allowed any crank case evacuation system to do a measurably better job and does so while significantly reducing wear on the seals contact area on the crank."
David Vizard, Performance Engine Builder and Writer.

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We've been featured by EFI University in USA

Great Customer News From Norway

F-Type Seal Working Perfectly

Older Engines To Benefit From GST Racing Seals

F1 Product! Low Friction Steering Pinion & Rack Seals

Endorsement from Performance Racing Industry & SEMA

Thank you from Walkinshaw Racing

Endorsement from David Vizard

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