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“The use of these crank seals has allowed any crank case evacuation system to do a measurably better job and does so while significantly reducing wear on the seals contact area on the crank."
David Vizard, Performance Engine Builder and Writer.

"Thank you for your hard work with the development of the duplex crankshaft seal. Turning to you for seal R&D has been our best move yet as previous brands of seals gave us oil leaks and low vacuum. We now have no leaks, 25” vacuum, twice the mileage(6000kms) and more power! Pretty good combination really! I could not recommend your business highly enough to anyone interested in improved engine performance."
Ryan Medew, Walkinshaw Racing

"Chris is very smart. He has been able to succeed where a lot of his competitors have failed because of his ability to listen and come back with solutions that fits the market. He works very hard but more importantly he works smart. His technical expertise is unmatched and I very much enjoy listening to him. He is a very special man."
Francisque Savinien, Director of Global Sales & Marketing,Performance Racing Industry & SEMA


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